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Being a Pessimist

Reblogged from elushika:

Ever since I partnered up with Ruth to create a game about pessimism and optimism, I found out that people have a wrong view of a pessimist. They think that being pessimist is all about being negative, depressed or basically a Debbie Downer of some sought.

IXD student Elushika writes about how being a pessimist is like being a Debbie Downer of some sort.
IXD student Elushika writes about how being a pessimist is like being a Debbie Downer of some sort.

Well, I am here to set things straight. I am a pessimist and no I am not related to the grim reaper. I come from a very loving family and I am honest about myself and do not hide behind the shadows of people who pretend. I believe life goes wrong time to time and I am prepared for those moments, rather than relying on hopes.

According to an article on Psychology Today: A Pessimist does not have big hopes in a project or pretend that everything will work out. We actually come up with backup plans, in case it fails.

Pessimism is an effective motivator when we’re faced with an overwhelming or amorphous fear. A feeling of foreboding about an outcome can prompt us to take necessary steps that we would otherwise avoid.

In the below video ‘Wisdom of Pessimism,’ it sums up 4 important things about pessimism.

  1. Pessimism prepares you for the worst: We always prepare ourselves with a back plan, in case something fails.
  2. It reduces tension of expectations: We reduce our expectations going into any type of situation.
  3. Protects you from disappointment: And as a result of reducing our expectations, we do not get disappointed.
  4. And will make you laugh a bit: We are prepared with our backup plans, that we have time to laugh at the thing went wrong.

So next time, if you want to label someone of being a negative, talk to them before you judge. Because they might be more prepared for a situation than you will ever be.

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