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Week [2]

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week 2 1

Image by Shane Strassberg

Second week is done and I survived. By far one of my favorite classes was Physical Computing. I received an Arduino kit, which is an open source electronic platform with easy to use hardware and software (1). The kit includes a microcontroller (computer hardware) a whole bunch of wires, LED’s, resistors and many more. It’s basically something you must put on your Christmas list.

One of my homework assignments was to experiment with circuits and use home-y metal items as a switch. I managed to experiment with odds and ends from around the house. In the process I burned out a few LED’s and destroy 9V connector, which required me to stop what I was doing.

This is my first Arduino project:

Electricity goes in full circle. A simple switch can disrupt this entire process. It is an invisible service that is part of my everyday routine, which I take for granted. I use it to charge my many devices, to cool off during hot summer days and the MTA uses electricity for the subways. I even use rechargeable batteries, that requires them to be re-charged through electricity. A simple disruption of this invisible service would be devastating to me and to everyone.

This small project made me appreciate this invisible service, that I use everyday.

1. About Arduino :

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