Christopher Collette


Christopher Collette is a content and digital strategist specializing in content development, user experience design, and cross-channel program development.

Sitting at the intersection of business strategy, technology, content, user-centered design, research, publishing, and brand, Christopher helps clients create sustainable, scalable digital platforms and programs to help them achieve business and organizational goals. In both corporate and consulting roles, he’s led digital marketing and content strategy programs for leading corporations and organizations with a specific concentration in the B2B, professional and financial services, technology, and non-profit sectors. 

In a career spanning close to 30 years in both digital and traditional media, he was practicing content strategy long before it had a name or was a discipline. A digital industry veteran, Christopher brings an integrated, holistic approach to content strategy, one that considers content creation, distribution, and governance across multiple channels, especially its interplay among digital, social, and traditional media. He works closely with clients to help them integrate content strategy intobusiness operations, increase the effectiveness of the content they publish, and ultimately unlock that content’s value in connecting with customers, clients, and constituents.