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Sana Rao

Class of 2013


While still in school, Sana realized that her fear of science classes contrasted sharply with her intense love for art and sculpture classes. She went on to study graphic design at the National Institute of Design in India, a top design school in the country.
Since her graduation from NID in 2008, Sana has worked on a wide variety of design projects. These projects, she believes, have helped her understand the diversity and richness of her own country better. From spending time in remote Indian villages with the aim of solving its energy needs through solar power, to spending time in more cosmopolitan parts branding a craft beer bar and luxury chocolates, her experiences have convinced her that design simply makes her happy.

Sana has always sought to do meaningful and thoughtful work, a much-needed attribute in a country like India where the design industry is still finding a foothold. She hopes to play a part in the growing acceptance and establishment of it as a recognized industry in India.

She reads profusely and writes occasionally, both, with the idea of making better sense of the world she is a part of. Human expressions, emotions, and reactions intrigue her and all her design and literary work carries a thread of this interest. It’s this passion that has also led her to study Interaction design at SVA.

Sana wants to be a hardbound, parchment smelling, serif-studded book in her next life and when on a whim, she likes to write illustrated letters in un-rhymed poetry, and cook classic Indian curries.


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