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Paul Ford Talks Computers and Code on Charlie Rose



Faculty member Paul Ford wason Charlie Rosetalking about his 38,000-word mega essay for Bloomberg Business Week titled “What isCode?” The article itself integrates interactivity and code into it inunexpected and delightful ways, all the while attempting to define the computerand code, as well as highlighting code’s importance in today’s cultural andbusiness worlds.

“Code has been my life, and it has been your life, too. Itis time to understand how it all works. Every month it becomes easier to dothings that have never been done before, to create new kinds of chaos and findnew kinds of order. Even though my math skills will never catch up, I love thework. Every month, code changes the world in some interesting, wonderful, ordisturbing way.”

(Paul Ford, “What is Code?”)

Watch the interview, read the article, and followPaul to keep up with future work.

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