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Kristin Breivik

Class of 2012


Kristin is enthusiastic about information and how to make complex stuff understandable. She is equally frustrated by lack of information, whether it’s manuals elegantly skipping an important step, or bus tables where you need an hour to figure out when the next bus will arrive. Her love for information earned her a BA in Information Science from the University of Bergen, Norway.

Kristin is interested in people too. She strives to create concepts and designs that are meaningful and make people happy. She truly believes that products and services that are delightful to use will bring out the good in people. Furthermore, Kristin is fascinated by the power of crowds and how feeling connected to one another can inspire trust, optimism and positive actions. She is excited about how technology combined with the right framework can help facilitate collaboration and behavioral change.

Although Kristin knows that design has the power to make the world a better place, she does find pleasure in less visionary projects as well. As long as they are meaningful in some way, she will dive into the domain, and produce conceptual models, user journeys, flow charts, wireframes, content strategies and code, while keeping a good dialog with the client through meetings and workshops.

Kristin has been working as a user experience consultant in her home town, Oslo, for the last four years, creating web portals and applications in collaboration with a variety of big Norwegian clients. This has lead her to gain insights into a variety of arenas, namely museums, education, medicine, newspapers, and pollution policies. Kristin’s curiosity and hunger for learning new things are valuable when working as a consultant, and are also the features that brought her to New York City and SVA.

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