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Glenda Capdeville headshot

Glenda Capdeville

Class of 2019


Glenda Capdeville is a graphic designer from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Her early interactions with this planned city gave her a love for design from a young age, and in college, she studied industrial design at the University of Brasilia. She went to work as a graphic designer for a major Brazilian publishing house, Editora Abril, where she did design work for several periodicals in the health, history, and women’s segments. While working as a graphic designer, she became especially interested in how information can be visualized to better communicate complex ideas to the public

Her interest in interaction design comes from a desire to apply her design skills to products and services beyond traditional print media. She hopes to learn how to improve people’s interactions with a variety of experiences through technological applications with an eye particularly to how these applications can become more humanized, more responsive to people’s behaviors, and more geared toward social progress.

Glenda also enjoys running and playing sports (especially tennis), as well as cooking and exploring different cuisines. She also loves to travel to places like the Uyuni Salt flat to Veneze, meet new people, and learn.

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