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Jason Branch

Class of 2019


Ever since I was young, finance always seemed like my future. I have been reading Investors Business Daily and The Wall Street Journal since I was 10, growing up in Brooklyn. This led me to major in Economics at Rutgers University. Junior year of college I had an idea for a startup. I started skipping class to learn web design. This resulted in a small partnership with my university on an internship portal. The partnership fizzled due to my naivety, but I decided design is something I want to do for the rest of my life. I started in the tech industry doing graphic design, visual design, and then moved to UX design.

I am currently at WebMD working on digital products and freelancing as an interaction designer. I’ve grown to love the thought process and analytics that inform great design. I’m excited about the future and things I’ll be able to create once at SVA. I would love to one day work on paradigm-shifting products and make existing products more efficient (i.e., That’s the dream.

I enjoy traveling: I’ve covered most of Europe and plan to cover Asia soon.

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