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Xiaoxi Yuan headshot

Xiaoxi Yuan

Class of 2019


Xiaoxi Yuan, from Beijing China, began studying painting since she was 6 years old. When she was in high school her art teacher did a set of posters for the World Wildlife Fund about protecting wild elephants, which moved many people, including her, his design was the first trigger for Xiaoxi to become a designer. So she found design is creative, humanized, and conducive to social developments. Since then she made up her mind to study in this direction.

Therefore, she chose graphic design as her major in the undergraduate stage. After graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, she had mastered the basic design theory, graph theory, design logic, etc. She starts to have new thinking about her professional direction and wants to further study the man-machine interaction and people’s interaction. Now the world is an interconnected network, in which interaction plays an important role. In addition, she hopes to continue to explore more diverse media concerning design methods.

At undergraduate period, because of professional knowledge and cultural study enthusiasm, Xiaoxi had a good opportunity with partners to found the design team and built a creative brand. After graduation, Xiaoxi began to work in the design studio of the University professor, and accumulated experience in the projects. After one year’s work, she hopes to continue learning interaction design at SVA.

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