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Paula Daneze headshot

Paula Daneze

Class of 2019


Paula was born and raised in Porto Alegre, a city in the south of Brazil. In 2008, she moved to New York City to study at the City College of New York, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art.

For the past 6 years, Paula has been the Associate Art Director at Americas Quarterly, a nonprofit policy and culture magazine focused on Latin America that shares her vision of democracy, social inclusion, and equal rights to all citizens.

Paula experienced her first interaction design experience working as the Production and Visual Designer for the publications Architectural Record and Engineering News-Record’s apps. Her work for these publications inspired her to take the User Experience immersive course at General Assembly. During this course, she applied her design skills and passion for traveling to create a travel-sharing experience mobile app prototype as her final project.

Paula is excited to further her education, advance her interaction design career, and creating products that can make a difference in the world.

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