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Esther Lin headshot

Esther Lin

Class of 2023


Esther is a product designer currently based in New York. She was born and raised in Shenzhen, China, and spent the last five years in Seattle. In 2020, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Human-Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.

Esther specializes in taking a human-centered approach to solve complex challenges and design equitable, feasible, and impactful solutions. She enjoys exploring different industries and collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds. For the past three years, she interned and worked as a product designer for four different startups — designing solutions for various user needs.

Besides product design, Esther has a great passion for typography and branding. She has been taking opportunities to develop unique branding for local organizations and companies. In her free time, you may catch her in the bouldering gym, shredding down the mountain, or exploring new activities around the city.

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