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Syed Osama Hussein

Syed Osama Hussein

Class of 2023


After a few years in investment banking, Syed is now in the process of transforming his childhood dream of being a designer into reality. Recently, Syed graduated with a postgraduate degree from the University of the Arts, London, where he learned the basics in typography, hierarchy, color, and visual grammar. Before that, he completed his undergraduate in business administration and worked in investment banking.

One question which kept Syed thinking during his postgraduate studies was, “how can design solve problems?” After experimenting with different mediums, he found his answer in interaction design. Solving global problems, big and small, through creating joyful experiences through understanding the people using them is what Syed believes he can pursue for the rest of his life. School of Visual Arts will support Syed with the specialized education needed to tackle complex problems with confidence.

In addition to passionately solving design problems, Syed is an amateur photographer learning how to capture the world from his perspective. Also, to maintain work/life balance, Syed maintains an active lifestyle which involves a combination of gym, swimming, tennis, and running on any given week. His guilty pleasures include burgers and video games.

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