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Shiyu Ma headshot

Shiyu Ma

Class of 2023


Shiyu Ma is a designer who is fascinated by the impact of technology on urban space and lifestyle in the future. After receiving a Bachelor of Architecture from Southeast University, she turned her eyes to interaction design, with a passion for creating more flexible space experiences and connecting people, space, and technology. Her professional education in architecture has developed her 3D design and modeling skills, as well as her understanding of urban space and real life, while her interest in interaction design has prompted her to experiment with new technologies and design forms such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and game design.

Design is a method of comprehending and changing the world. She believes that interactive and experience design may help individuals and the environment connect more closely. As she continues her studies at SVA, she hopes to explore the application and development of interaction design in more extensive fields, rather than being limited to spatial experience. Shiyu Ma’s long-term goal is to become a compassionate and creative designer who can provide people with various daily life experiences through design.

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