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Zhuofan Zhang headshot

Zhuofan Zhang

Class of 2023


Zhuofan is a digital product designer seeking to give the best experiences via unique solutions that also work. She recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Design. Throughout her study in SVA, she found out her interest is not only graphic design but also human-centered design, which is why she decided to pursue a Master’s of Fine Art in Interaction Design at the school. She believes that future studies would help her understand interaction design deeper. During the past four years of study, Zhuofan has experienced interaction design while interning as an assistant with Tencent China. That experience inspired her to become an interaction designer. During the summer of 2021, Zhuofan interned at a start-up company as a social media marketing manager, and she learned how to promote digital products. Besides school, Zhuofan loves cooking, playing piano, traveling, and exploring restaurants in NYC with friends.

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